April 7, 2023 – Assembling the rear pivot frame

Having finished painting the rear pivot frame on an odd warm day last week, Steve and John helped me begin assembling the rear pivot frame. Having already cleaned and painted the roller arm assembly, they  just bolt together – but now it’s too heavy for one person to lift. The next step will be to wrestle it over to a chain hoist, move the press under it, and install it on the main frame so it pivots on a low axle. This is the assembly that also holds the ink disk assembly and bed.

Extra credit: Steve and I wrestled the flywheel horizontally onto a sawhorse platform and I was able to clean it. Then Don and I set it upright with a temporary axle so I could mask and paint it. The next step for the flywheel will be to deliver it to Dan Seese, a recently retired sign painter who specializes in Victorian ornamental sign painting.