July 1, 2022 – In which one press is disassembled and another is moved.

After an interesting June (driving from Colorado to Wisconsin and back), it’s time to start cleaning the Gordon in preparation for painting and restoration. The idea is to take the press apart in a methodical manner and clean each piece in preparation for painting and reassembly. The good news is that I can lift each individual piece.

The two largest pieces are the sides of the frame:

Much cleaning, involving a grinder fitted with a wire cup.

June – was a travel month, so nothing got done.

July 6: I drove into Denver to remove the treadle and hook from the Damon & Peets press. The idea was to measure it, make a  scale drawing of the hook, and prepare to crate it for shipping. 

August 17: In Denver again, but with Don, Steve, and a trailer. First order of business is to lift it off the pallet and place it on a transport pallet.

August 31: Crating up the treadle to ship it to an undisclosed location for casting. I have been sworn to secrecy.

September – was a travel month, so nothing got done.

Next time: cleaning, masking, and painting