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About the management:

Currently residing in Fort Collins, CO, Bill Whitley has been printing with letterpress equipment since the late 1960s. In the early ‘80s, he set up a private press for personal work and has increasingly come to agree with Frederic Goudy that “all the old fellows stole our best ideas.” Influenced heavily by the work of the printing masters of the Renaissance and the resulting Arts & Crafts revivals, he is best known for his handset broadsides. Although focused exclusively on relief printing, Mr. Whitley is also an award-winning sculptor in mixed media and electrical assemblages.

Recently, his work has been recognized by Communication Arts Magazine with an award of Excellence in their 2024 Typography Annual.


Guaranteed 100% Recycled Equipment.

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Pandemonium.Press is operated as a not-necessarily-for-profit sole proprietorship, which is not to say I don’t have help. Meg Dunn is amazingly helpful with WordPress (to say the least). The Hildred brothers (Don, Steve, & John) are—among other things—experienced blacksmiths, metalworkers, mechanics, and serial enablers. My life would not be half so interesting without their advice and assistance.

Last, but in no way least, I want to acknowledge that the entire letterpress community is responsible for the continued availability of most of the materials we use. Without sources for type, parts, and equipment, we would be in sad shape indeed. Keep it inky, whatever your chosen pronouns.

Member of:       

     Amalgamated Printers Association

     Association of European Printing Museums

     Letterpress Depot Printing Museum • Denver CO, USA

     The Museum of Printing • Haverhill MA, USA

     American Printing History Association